What Is an Idle Game?

Idle have become tremendously popular since the 2000s. There are thousands of clicker games of this type. You can play them online and offline. Why are they so popular? Our gaming experts have studied this issue thoroughly. Please, keep on reading the post to get the details on idle games.

The sense of idle games

In simple words, an idle games is a games for lazy gamers. It is the easiest option in which the gameplay implies performing simple actions like tapping the screen multiple times. Clicks are usually performed to earn in-game currency, coins, and rewards. These games do not require special efforts and mental work from the player. For interaction, you simply need to click on a certain object with the mouse.

Idle games are highly senseless and even ridiculous, but this genre is well familiar to everyone. After launching one of such games, you can understand that despite its essence, you are still attracted to the gameplay and entirely involved in it.

The plot of idle games

Actions in games of this type unfold in different ways. However, the general goal of clickers is to perform the simplest tasks. For example, it can be the stabilization of a particular object on the screen and its support.

There are clickers with a more detailed and exciting plot. For example, the player must transform into a detective, a CIA agent, or a dishwasher. So, a player must have a lightning-fast reaction to scoring the most possible quantity of coins and bonuses quickly. The proposed games are appealing due to their original genre affiliation. In clicker games, the main emphasis is on the simplicity of the gameplay rather than on tactics or strategy.

Best idle games on mobile and PC

One of the most famous representatives of this genre, Cookie Clicker, was released in 2013 and immediately gained popularity among millions of players. Idle games are widely played on both PCs and mobile devices. We have selected the top 10 best clicker games in 2022 by players` reviews. Please, find them below. You can select a couple of them and try playing them right now.

  1. Bit City
  2. AdVenture Capitalist
  3. Enchanted Heroes
  4. Idle Breakout
  5. Cookie clicker
  6. Tap Tycoon
  7. Doge Miner
  8. Cow Clicker
  9. AFK Arena
  10. Clicker Heroes

Advantages of idle games:

  • The simplest gameplay.
  • Ideal games for players of any age.
  • The player is always glad to return to the game.
  • More than 30 themes of games.
  • Possibility to play online using Android/iOS phones.
  • Most games are free.
  • These games help to relax, entertain, and take a break from everyday activities.

Now, you understand the nature of idle games. They are very popular worldwide among kids and adults. You can play clicker games on your PC and Android/iOS smartphones and tablets. Games of this type may be addictive. So, gamble responsibly and simply entertain!